Italian Murano Glass Paperweight

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Italian Murano Glass Paperweight

A very large Italian Murano Paperweight. A spectacular example of hand blown work combining, not only many colors, but a large array of ribbons, spirals, etc. Added to the color and size is the addition of gold, which makes this a wonderful decorative piece. Vibrant dominant colors of Oranges and reds are combined with blues and greens... The 5" sphere sits on its own lovely wooden base. A compliment to any shelf or desk top from the den to the Childs room. Glass was the dominate force in the economy of Venice for hundreds of years. It was so important that glassmakers were not allowed to leave with their glass secrets, under penalty of death. Because of the importance of this industry, though not having much personal freedom, glassmakers were held in high esteem and lived like princes. At one time Venice had ruled the world of glassmaking but by the time of the classic period of paperweights their dominance had long since passed, first to Bohemia; subsequently other countries gained supremacy. By the classic period, Venetian glass was, and still is, largely characterized by gaudy, cheaply made items for tourists.


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