Set of Three Copper Moonshine Funnels

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Set of Three Copper Moonshine Funnels

3 funnels acquired from a moonshine still in Tennessee. Due to these being used in a still we assume they are safe for food products, and most certainly safe for decor... Each is copper with the larger having a brass neck and tip. Can be hung with a ring or the handle on the one. The patina is beautiful as are the wonderful dings and blemishes. Each funnel is unique in its own way. from left to right - 1). A very heavy and solid straightforward Funnel measuring 5.75" diameter / 8.25" tall. 1.0 lb. 2). Tall and slender - 5.25" diameter / 10.5" tall .4 lb 3). Very unique and solid with a detailed 'collar' and tip in brass - 6.25" diameter / 9" tall. .8 lb.


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