Wrought Iron Hand Painted Folk Art Train Mailbox

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Wrought Iron Hand Painted Folk Art Train Mailbox

Unique, Large and functional wrought Iron Mailbox. The piece is a functional mailbox with a pull handle in the front, several train cars, with the last being open to hold boxes and larger mail. the fitting on the bottom allows for easily attached pipe for your specifications.

While it is functional, it is also a great stand alone decorative piece - could be used inside or in the garden. The hand painted finish is beautifully patinated.. a number exists on the front which can be painted over, or we can have a custom number painted on the front that looks like the box was made that way -

The open car in the back could also hold a plant or signage?

A real impressive and wonderfully attractive piece - ready to use
(pipe not included, but we can obtain if the buyer prefers)


Materials & Techniques: